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Justin Ross
Founder of JR Photography

I am very excited to share JR Photography with all of my dedicated followers and new followers to come! Photography has been a passion project of mine for quite some time now. My areas of interest currently reside in landscape and wildlife photography. Watching my photos evolve over the years has really driven me to take my work to the next level. Social media has been a very successful platform for sharing my adventures in this realm but launching this site will allow everyone to truly be a part of this. My goal was to not only build a user-friendly and attractive site but to also put the power in my followers’ hands. I wanted to allow them to really have the opportunity to navigate through a wide variety of photos and know what they would look like displayed in their home or office.

My followers mean everything to me. A majority of my development has come from the reactions, the constructive criticism and fellow photographers I have met among the community of those with similar interests. The feedback has allowed me to grow as a photographer and I am extremely optimistic about what future projects hold. I am an avid traveler and am always open to suggestions on where my next destination will be. Through the lens, I look for the unique, mind-blowing beauty that the earth displays for all of us to see. Through this site, I will provide everyone with an opportunity to take my photos with you and display them with as much pride as I take in producing them.

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Contact me directly at info@JR-Photo.net or

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