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Sony Alpha 1

The best of the best! The Sony Alpha 1 does it all! It's one of our favorite cameras that we've used to date. 

The speed and accuracy of this camera paired with a Sony Lens are lightning-fast. Once Locked on focus, it's hard to lose track of your subject. The camera even does Animal Eye Auto Focus which works remarkably well. 

If you have experience in the field and want to step up your game, we highly recommend this camera. 

To be fair, We do not recommend this camera to someone just starting out in photography. In our opinion, that's a lot of money to risk for a first-time camera. 

Follow this link to learn more, or click on the image above.

Sony Alpha a9

A solid performer against the Sony Alpha 1. 

This camera has been used in our pack for many years! To be honest, It was one of the first Sony cameras we purchased for our outings. 

The camera has 20FPS and locks on target with its tracking capability. With its 24.2 MP sensor, it's able to blast out photos with little to no buffer when shooting captures that require high frames per second. It will be hard to miss a shot with this camera. 

With its price drop recently, I highly recommend this camera to any Wildlife or Sports photographers. This camera also does beautifully with portraits and low-light shooting.

Follow this link to learn more, or click on the image above.

Sony 600mm F/4 Prime Lens

The flagship of them all! The Sony 600mm Prime Lens! 

Without a doubt, the sharpest, Lightest, Fastest Prime lens we've ever had the privilege to have! 

This lens has landed some of our photos in magazines, and multiple Top 3  photos of the year in contests! 

Paired with the Sony Alpha 1 or a9, there's really nothing that comes faster and more accurately. We cannot say enough about this lens. Please visit our gallery to see the reason why we primarily use this for our wildlife. It outperforms most all lenses currently in the prime category. 

A bit pricey, and certainly an investment, but well worth it! 

Follow this link to learn more, or click on the image above.

These are our honest recommendations on products we've used for years. As an Amazon Associate, We earn from qualifying purchases used by the links above. This does not change what your purchase price is, it's a way for us to give our honest opinion on products we've used in the field. 

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